• About Our Furniture
All of our furniture is built entirely by hand right from the felling of the trees to the finish sanding and they showcase the legendary “Made in Maine” quality that we in Maine are famous for.  The design of our furniture is very comfortable with a roomy seating position that does not lean way back and is easy to get up from unlike some other Adirondack style chairs that you may have tried and did not like. They all feature a comfortable curved seat and have a pleasing curved back. All wood components in our chairs are a full 7/8 inch thick for outstanding durability.  This is nearly twice as thick as those “Made in China etc.” chairs found in the big box stores.  The rockers on our rocking chairs are a full 1-3/4 inch thick allowing you to rock on the lawn and not sink in the ground.  They are all assembled using bolts, waterproof glue, and heavy duty corrosion resistant ceramic coated screws.  The rocking chairs sit at the same level as the non-rocking chairs and they also do not lean way back and match them perfectly.  All chair arms are a wide 5-1/2 inches and allow you to set a plate on them or plenty of room for your beverage of choice.  We also offer a footstool that when paired up with a chair matches up evenly and makes a nice, comfortable, chaise type lounge.  Two sizes of matching tables are offered with the small table being 24 inches wide matching the chairs and the large table being 56 inches wide matching the settee.  The large table can also be used as a garden bench adding a beautiful accent to your gardens.  The chair sets stack together compactly for storage.  St. Albans Cedar Works furniture is ruggedly built and will last a long time providing you many years of enjoyment.

• About Native White Cedar
Cedar is the wood of choice for outdoor furniture because of its beauty, stability, and its natural long lasting ability to resist decay.  It does not have to be stained or painted and will age from its yellow/red tones to a nice weathered gray though they certainly can be if you desire.  We prefer a natural oil type clear finish that lets the beautiful cedar tones show through.  Also cedar is a far better choice for the environment than plastic furniture which is made from petroleum oil.




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